The first ever electric vehicle to cross The Simpson Desert

Current Project: Outback EV

We are building the first ever Electric Vehicle (EV) to cross the Simpson Desert - 100% powered by renewable energy sources. The Outback EV will utilise solar and wind energy to recharge the lithium-ion battery pack and aim to complete the journey in 8 days. The Outback EV will be road legal and have a range of 300km. The conditions of The Simpson Desert will likely reduce the effective range of the Outback EV, requiring a few stops to recharge along the way.

Situated in the Australian outback where the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australian borders meet, the Simpson Desert spans more than 176,500 square kilometres. It is the largest sand dune desert in the world with over 1100 parallel dunes. The first vehicle to cross the desert did so just over 50 years ago. To build and drive the first EV to cross the same desert will be a great achievement for renewable energy and sustainable technology.

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Who we are

We are Dan Clements and Tom Creek. We are electrical engineers. We are two mates designing, creating and promoting electric vehicles in Australia. We are building the first ever Electric Vehicle (EV) to cross the Simpson Desert. We are hoping this will stand as a catalyst for electric vehicle use in Australia. We are striving to promote renewable energy as an imperative, not an alternative. We are Clements X Creek.